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actually, the number of games you can put is irrevalent to the space a memory card has. the minimum space a game needs to be saved on a memory card is written on the back of any ps2 game. some games only need like 50kb of free space and some need like 1000+kb of free space. you can have like 10-15 games on a card and have another card where you can only fit 5 games even though they are both 8mb memory cards.

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Q: How many ps2 games can we save in 8mb memory card?
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Can you save ps1 games to a ps2 memory card?

No, but if you have one you can plug a PS1 memory card into a PS2 and save it on that

Do i need a memory card to play games?

yes you do without the memory card you cant save games you play

Do you need a memory card to play psp games?

yes u need to have a memory card to save games,but if u have a psp go u have 16 gigs of memory to save on

Can you save games on a Nintendo DSi without a memory card?

Cartridge-based games will save to the cartridge. A memory card is necessary only if you download DSi-ware games from the shop.

What sort of memory card do you need to buy in order to play gamecube games on the Wii?

you dont need to buy a memory card to play gamecube games on the wii you just need a memory card to save the gamecube games and you can use any gamecube memory cardto save the games on

Does Playstation 3 have a memory card?

No. You just won't be able to save the games. You build the memory cards in the HDD for the 4 USB port models that play PS2 games and many games need to do this

Can you save PlayStation 1 games on a PlayStation 2 console as long as you have a P1 memory card inserted?

Yes. But you can't save playstation 2 games on it. On a ps2 memory card u can save ps1 and ps2 games

Can you save playstation 1 games on your ps2 memory card?


Does a dreamcast need a memory card?

If you want to save games

Can Wii memory cards be used on GameCube games?

You can use GameCube memory cards, but only to save on GameCube games, not Wii games. The Wii already has 512 MB of internal memory, and an optional SD Memory Card can be used to save Wii games.

Do you modify your memory card on psp to save games?

You don't need to modify it, the PSP can save games to the memory stick normally, as well as download games to it from PSN.

Do you need an SD card to save DSi games?

No. All save data is stored on the game card, or in the case of DSiWare games in system memory.