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No, the Sega Saturn has a small internal memory about 2MB

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Q: Does a sega Saturn require a memory card to save games?
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Can you use ps1 memory cards on the ps2?

Yes, only for PSone games though. PS2 games require a 8MB (PS2) memory card.

How do you access a Sega Saturn memory card?

Hold L or R when turning on the saturn and select memory manager. You may need to clean the connections if the memory card does not show up.

Can you use memorycard?

There are a lot of different game systems out there that allow you to use a memory card. There are few games the require you use a memory card to even play the game as they save automatically.

Does it matter if you put a GameCube memory card in slot B?

Yes, GameCube games require the memory card to be in slot A. Generally, slot B is used for accessories such as the GameCube microphone.

Do i need a memory card to play games?

yes you do without the memory card you cant save games you play

What kind of PS2 memory card do you need to play imported games?

It is not the memory card that stops you from playing the games

Is a 256mb memory in a video card a considerable amount of memory to run a high end PC game?

No. Unfortunately most of the new games, such as prince of persia, assassin's creed, etc require at the least 512 MB card.

Whats the largest memory card that I can buy for the Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS doesn't actually require memory cards for game saving, the memory needed to save games is built into the game cartridges themselves.

Can Wii memory cards be used on GameCube games?

You can use GameCube memory cards, but only to save on GameCube games, not Wii games. The Wii already has 512 MB of internal memory, and an optional SD Memory Card can be used to save Wii games.

What sort of memory card do you need to buy in order to play gamecube games on the Wii?

you dont need to buy a memory card to play gamecube games on the wii you just need a memory card to save the gamecube games and you can use any gamecube memory cardto save the games on

Does a PS vita memory card have games?

Games you download from the PSN go onto your PSVita's memory card. A new memory stick will be blank, there's nothing on it.

Do you need a Nintendo 64 memory card?

Some games that need more graphical memory such as Donkey Kong 64 or Majoras Mask need the Expansion Pack. A few games need to be saved to the N64 Controller Pack. Just search each game and you will know.