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Cartridge-based games will save to the cartridge. A memory card is necessary only if you download DSi-ware games from the shop.

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Q: Can you save games on a Nintendo DSi without a memory card?
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Where is the memory card in a Nintendo DS?

The memory card is the game card.

Do i need a memory card to play games?

yes you do without the memory card you cant save games you play

Can Wii memory cards be used on GameCube games?

You can use GameCube memory cards, but only to save on GameCube games, not Wii games. The Wii already has 512 MB of internal memory, and an optional SD Memory Card can be used to save Wii games.

Can old Nintendo Wii games be downloaded to a SD memory card?

You can download them to wii, and then copy to the SD card.

How do you play Nintendo GameCube games on Nintendo Wii?

Simple, all you need is a Gamecube controller, a gamecube memory card to save games and a gamecube game to play.

Whats the largest memory card that I can buy for the Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS doesn't actually require memory cards for game saving, the memory needed to save games is built into the game cartridges themselves.

How can you get more Wii memory for your Nintendo Wii?

I think you can get more memory for your Wii,( you could buy an SD card for it) but you could get the Gamecube memory card for it and play Gamecube games, that's all I know.

Does a Nintendo DS you hold music?

no , only if you have an R4 for your Nintendo DS a R4 is a memory card that holds games , music , and other things from your computer

Where can you purchase a Nintendo DS memory card?

The memory card is an SD card, which you can get at most electronic stores. I think you can also get one from the Nintendo website, but I'm not positive.

Does the Nintendo DS come with a memory card or do you have to buy it separately?

The memory card is built into the machine.

How do you clean a Nintendo 64 memory card?

Hold start and turn the system on, and the memory card will come up.

Does a DSi need a memory stick?

It doesn't 'need' a memory card (Memory Stick is a Sony card, the DSi uses SD cards), you can play games without using one. A memory card would be for storing lots of photographs, MP3s or DSi store games.