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In HeartGold and SoulSilver you can register all the phone numbers!

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Q: How many phone numbers can you register in pokiemon SoulSilver?
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What is a pen register?

A pen register was used to record phone numbers called.

How do you get gym leaders phone numbers in soulsilver?

You must search in various places. I have 2 gym leaders phone numbers, Clair and Sabrina. Clair's in dragons den on fridays and Sabrina's at the Fast ship S.S. aqua dock on saturdays.

Are phone numbers free or is there a fee when you get one?

No, your phone number is not free. When you buy a phone you also need to buy a sim card, which register your phone number. Without a sim card there is absolutely no way of contacting your phone.

Is it true that in Pokemon soulsilver you can get a vs seeker?

No, you can only get them on FireRed, LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. You just use phone numbers to battle people again.

Is it possible to get your rival's phone number in Pokemon SoulSilver?


Can you get every gym leaders phone number on soulsilver?


How do you get ltsurge phone number in Pokemon soulsilver?

you can just battle people and they might give you there phone number

How do you avoid unnecessary phone calls?

To avoid unnecessary calls from telemarketers, register your number in the "do not call registry list" and to avoid the unnecessary calls from unknown numbers use call barring system and block those numbers.

How do you register a gift card?

Usually the card issuer will have a phone number or website printed on the back side where you can either over the phone or internet, register the card.

What are 800 phone numbers used for?

Phone numbers that start with the numbers 800 are toll free numbers. Toll free phone numbers are numbers that have no cost to the person calling the 800 number.

Can you get phone service in Canada with straight talk phone?

No. SIM card will not register in the netwrok

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