How many minions does bowser have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a lot

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Q: How many minions does bowser have?
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How did bowser get all of his minions?

He hatched them.

How many minions does the dark star have?

On the first time you battle him, the dark star (inside bowser) has two minions. Dark stalagmites. The second time, he hypnotizes fawful and he makes fawful fight Mario and Luigi.

Why are goombas bad?

Goombs are not bad at heart, but they at paid as minions by Bowser to hurt Mario and friends.

Does bowser get chubby in bowsers inside story?

Yes, when his minions feed him too much food when he defeats Midbus.

Mario and luigi inside story bowser's castle how do you get into the theatre show starts brainwashed minions?

what you do is complete ALL OF THE GAMES ok? once you do that is will say you've unlocked theatre show brainwashed minions

Who is The unlockable character on Super Mario strikers?

the unlockable character in super Mario bros strikers is the bowser minions they are a very good team

How do you make Bowser get Attack blocks on bowsers inside story?

he cant he has to find his minions but if you are talking bout broggy then you have to vacume enimies.mario and luigi can though.

How many pages does Minions of the Moon have?

Minions of the Moon has 190 pages.

What is the storyline of the video game Super Mario Brothers.?

Princess Toadstool, aka Peach, the ruler of the mushroom kingdom, has been kidnapped by the evil Bowser. Now, Mario has to travel across the 8 worlds of the kingdom defeating Bowser's minions to save Peach.

Why is koopa minions and the koopa family?

the koopa troopa the paratroopa lakitu spiny buzzy beetle, boom boom dry bones magikoopa ( or kamek ) the koopalings and bowser.

How many kids does Bowser have?

Bowser has eight kids.

How many Koopa's are there in Mario?

Koopa Troopa, Dry Bones, ParaTroopa, Betty, Bowser, Baby Bowser, Bowser jr and Dry Bowser.