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what you do is complete ALL OF THE GAMES ok? once you do that is will say you've unlocked theatre show brainwashed minions

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Q: Mario and luigi inside story bowser's castle how do you get into the theatre show starts brainwashed minions?
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How do you get to peach's castle in Bowsers inside story?

you do some stuff at Bowsers castle to go to peach castle

What do you do in bowsers castle as Mario and luigi in Mario and luigi bowsers inside story?

You can get Beans, and an SP: Magic Window.

How do you get inside peache's castle in bowser's inside story?

you do some stuff at Bowsers castle to go to peach castle

Is bowsers castle stage in super smash brothers brawl?


How do you beat peaches castle in Mario and luigi bowsers inside story?

Where are you, are you in the castle, have you found bowser?

In new super Mario bros ds is it called final castle or bowser's castle?

probably final bowsers castle

What is a twomp?

they are big rocks you find in bowsers castle that try to crush you.

How do you get the bridge to come down in bowsers castle in bowsers inside story?

Bowser would have to punch it from the correct side. That should bring it down. :)

What is the music from bowsers castle super Mario 63?

Penis poo face!

In Mario and Luigi Bowsers inside story What is the best place to reach bowsers final rank?

In and around Peach's Castle. There are some hard enemies to defeat there. :)

When was Castle Square Theatre created?

Castle Square Theatre was created in 1894.

When did Castle Square Theatre end?

Castle Square Theatre ended in 1932.