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It uses about 10 megabytes per hour if playing on downloaded version but when playing on the website version it takes about 20-30 megabytes.

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Q: How many megabytes does minecraft use?
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How many gigabytes does free Minecraft use?

Minecraft uses about 500 megabytes of RAM to play, that can vary if you change the settings.

How many gigabytes is Minecraft?

Between 19.45 to 25.46 mb

How much memory will minecraft take up on the xbox?

minecraft can use anywhere between 256 MB and 512MB of ram on any system.

How many megabytes does Minecraft have?

This all depends on your maps. A copy of Minecraft that has no started maps is around 228KB. But after you start playing this will go up.

How big is Minecraft?

The Minecraft Launcher is 263 KB while the Minecraft folder is approximately 46 MB.

How many KB is Minecraft PC?

The download for Minecraft for the PC is around 300kb. Installed, it will be approximately 30 - 40 mb depending on how many save files you have. It is not any bigger than an audio CD.

How many millibites does minecraft pocket edition use to download?

The Minecraft game itself is very lightweight when it comes to hard drive space. Mine rang in at about 7 megabytes and that's including the backups I make of the files. Needless to say, the only think you will probably be limited on is your video card performance, not your hard drive space unless you plan on walking on a straight line for a few weeks on end.

Could you play minecraft with 400 MB of RAM?

yes you can.

Will Minecraft fit on your 1gb computer?

Yes. Minecraft barely takes up any space at all, only a few Megabytes in total.

How much memory do you need for minecraft?

Minecraft typically uses between 300MB and 900MB of RAM, although it can use more if you play on high settings and expand your world a lot. The game usually gets allocated 900 MB RAM by the operating system (if you have that much).

How many megabytes does dish everywhere app use?

??? WHY???

How do you stop Skype crashing every time you are using Minecraft?

Minecraft uses a load of memory! (For me, it's 989 MB of RAM) You should probably close Minecraft if you're using Skype at the same time.