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Q: How many gyms are in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you get the badges in pokemon FireRed?

you have to beat the gyms in the area.

How do you get to the 7th gym Pokemon FireRed?

you go in the Pokemon mansion and the gyms key is some ware in there.

How do you pass the victory road in Pokemon FireRed?

You get all the badges from all the gyms

Why cant you go into the Pokemon league on Pokemon firered?

You can, but you just have to beat all 8 Gyms first.

How do you get the viridian gym unlocked in Pokemon FireRed?

beat the other seven gyms and come back

How do you get in the gym at virdatian city on Pokemon FireRed?

Get past all of the other gyms and the old man should move

How do you rematch the gyms in Pokemon FireRed?

you can't the versus seeker doesn't work in the gym buildings trust me i have tried

How do you unlocked the gym in viridian city in Pokemon FireRed version?

it is final gym need to beat all other gyms

Where can one buy ultra balls in Pokemon firered?

You can buy them anywhere, but you have to beat some gyms. That makes the Pokemarts get new items.

How many gyms are in Pokemon ss?


How many gyms are there in Pokemon HeartGold?


How many Pokemon gym leaders are there in heart gold?

8 gyms in Johto 8 gyms in Kanto 8+8=16 16 gyms