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There are 2 eggs that you receive in Pokemon Diamond other than those you get from the Daycare Couple.

One egg can be received in Hearthome City from the man in the South East, just before the gate to route 209. This egg for me and my sister hatched into a happiny, but it can hatch into a Pichu. What it hatches into isn't determined by your version, but if it hatches into a Happiny you are an incredibly lucky trainer because you can't catch it. If you don't get a happiny i think you can breed chanceys or blisseys.

The second egg is found when you travel to Iron Island from Canalave City and beat Team Galactic grunts (in a double battle). This egg will hatch into a Riolu.

Of course your Pokemon can lay eggs and there is two ways to do it:

1. Put a male and female of any Pokemon in the day care centre and if they like each other an egg should eventually appear there. The Pokemon is determined by the Mother, and the move set if determined by the father. Also, If you have a day care centre app an egg will appear between the two Pokemon.

2. Put a ditto (found on route 218 nr Canalave city) in the day care centre with the Pokemon you wish the eggs to hatch into. This Pokemon can be any gender as the ditto has no gender. Then the egg will hatch into the Pokemon of your choice. This method is better and easier because you don't have to catch two of every single Pokemon you wish to breed, you can just use your ditto.

you forgot about the egg from bebe if you are trying to breed eevee's, the only girl eevee in any Pokemon game you can get from bebe in hearthome city.

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Q: How many eggs are there in Diamond Pokemon?
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What Pokemon eggs do you find in Pokemon Diamond?

happiny and riolu

How many eggs is there on Pokemon pearl and diamond?

alot...all Pokemon with genders can have eggs well i don't think that cressila and heatran count though. no legendaries or genderless pokemoncan have eggs.

Where can you find the shuppet egg in Diamond?

There are no Shuppet eggs in Pokemon Diamond.

On Pokemon diamond do bad eggs hatch?


How and where do you get eggs in Pokemon diamond?

you get them at solceon town

How do you get the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond for dsi?

By leveling up your Pokemon from eggs.

Where can you get eggs in Pokemon Diamond?

Your female pokemon,and your ditto and male can have eggs.You can get eggs at the pokemon day care in Soloceon town.

Can uxie and Ditto lay eggs in Pokemon diamond?

No legenedaries can lay eggs ._.

Where do you keep eggs in my bag on Pokemon diamond?

The Pokemon eggs aren't kept in the players bag. They are kept with the other Pokemon on the team.

How do you clone Pokemon without action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

i have Pokemon diamond, and played 600 hours. its not possible. but you can catch a ditto, and make Pokemon eggs.

Can you make Ditto eggs in Pokemon pearl and diamond?

no you cant!!!!

How do you get rare eggs in Pokemon diamond without cheating?