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Your female pokemon,and your ditto and male can have eggs.You can get eggs at the pokemon day care in Soloceon town.

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Q: Where can you get eggs in Pokemon Diamond?
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What Pokemon eggs do you find in Pokemon Diamond?

happiny and riolu

Where can you find the shuppet egg in Diamond?

There are no Shuppet eggs in Pokemon Diamond.

On Pokemon diamond do bad eggs hatch?


How and where do you get eggs in Pokemon diamond?

you get them at solceon town

How do you get the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond for dsi?

By leveling up your Pokemon from eggs.

Can uxie and Ditto lay eggs in Pokemon diamond?

No legenedaries can lay eggs ._.

Where do you keep eggs in my bag on Pokemon diamond?

The Pokemon eggs aren't kept in the players bag. They are kept with the other Pokemon on the team.

How do you clone Pokemon without action replay in Pokemon Diamond?

i have Pokemon diamond, and played 600 hours. its not possible. but you can catch a ditto, and make Pokemon eggs.

Can you make Ditto eggs in Pokemon pearl and diamond?

no you cant!!!!

How do you get rare eggs in Pokemon diamond without cheating?


Does marcago help hatching eggs in Pokemon diamond?


Where do you find all eggs in Pokemon Diamond?

one can be found in hearthome city, and the other you have to breed Pokemon in the day-care to get eggs