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To unlock the whole game you would need around 145,500 crowns. This would cost around $146 dollars now, but even more on a regular day.

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Q: How many crowns do you need to unlock all the areas in pirate101?
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How many crowns do you need to unlock all areas of wizzard 101?

Just buy the 60,000 crowns for $60 and you will have enough to buy all areas. PS. You will have like 200 crowns left

How many musketeer class pirate101 companions are there?


How many people play pirate101?

about 1-3 million

Where do you type in codes on wizard101?

Go to: Enter the code: 6754D-QL3M4-25Q8M-LLQ95 This gives you a FREE BUDDY DRAGON. You also get a FREE 1250 CROWNS when you subscribe or buy $10 of crowns. Crowns are used to buy ACCESS PASSES, which unlock subscribers' areas PERMANENTLY for ALL characters on your account!! PLUS, you can use your FREE CROWNS to BUY GOLD or shop in the CROWN SHOP, allowing your wizard to get whatever expensive items he/she needs!!!!! Other codes are either MAXED OUT (used too many times) or have EXPIRED!!

How many crowns do you have to have to complete Wizard101?

It would take 58,470 crowns to buy all the areas of Wizard101. I added a link to the cost break down.

1 dollar is how many Swedish crowns?

7.95 crowns

How many Canadian dollars in 600 Swedish crowns?

How many Canadian Dollarsin 600 Swedish crowns?

How many wresting crowns did milo of korton win?

he won 6 crowns

How many wrestling crowns did this competitor from ancient times win?

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How many crowns can you buy on wizards 101 if you have 10 dollars?

5000 crowns

How many crowns do you get for the wizard101 subscription?

I don't think you get any crowns for the Wizard101 subscription.

How many crowns are in a pound?

From research 2 crowns equal 1 pound=$2.40