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It varies a lot on the type of bones you use. For example, with frost dragon bones it will be much faster (though also more expensive, per experience point) than with big bones. I wouldn't recommend regular bones, which are way too slow.Also, burying the bones is way too slow - and too expensive. You should seriously consider using either the ectofuntus, or - better, in my opinion - a gilded altar in a player-owned house.

At, you can find a calculator that will tell you how many bones you need, depending on various assumptions, such as the type of bone, and what boosts (such as a gilded altar) you use.

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Q: How many bones do you need to bury to get 52-55 prayer on runescape?
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Can you bury bones that you bought at the grand exchange in runescape?


How do you get tto gwd for the first time on runescape?

You kill things. Bury the bones, sell the stuff they drop and grab the coins. You can do it. Clicking ain't too hard.

What is a quick way to train Prayer on Runescape?

For Free players, the only fast way prayer (and it will still take a while) is to buy loads of big bones from the Grand Exchange (North from Varrock west bank, also from the west of the Varrock Castle) In order to really level, you've got to buy loads. There are also quests that give you prayer xp (The Restless Ghost), and there are other ways like the Safety miniquest in Edgeville (rub the lamps the professer gives you, then select the prayer icon) Members can still use this strategy, but they should try to get dragon bones, and use them on a guilded alter (2 lighters is the best) (boosts prayer point leveling by loads!) Hope that helped! by Master of Intellegence. Also, For free players, you can go to the Chaos Temple (it is in the wilderness. Its surrounded by lava on the map, easy to spot out) There are many bones that respawn there. 11 of them are almost right next to each other. What you can do is go to world 1 (for faster respawns of the bones) and collect all 11. Then bury them. By the time you bury them they should respawn, keep doing this until you get the prayer level you desire. You SHOULDNT download a bot or a mouse-recorder to automatically pick up the bones and bury them for you. As this is not allowed and will get your account banned... ;)

What is a five-letter word for to bury?


How do you bury the swimsuit in hazel's garden in sims2 on psp?

go to hazel dente's house. After that go where you plant the garlic and press (X) an then there will appear bury .

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Will you level up if you bury bones in runescape?

If you bury bones, you will level up prayer. Increasing your prayer skill will also increase your combat level.

Babydragon bone xp RuneScape?

Babydragon bones give 30 prayer xp per bone if you bury it.

How do you get your prayer up fast in RuneScape?

The best way is to get a friend with a gilded alter and bury bones at it and you will vll fast.

How do you level prayer in RuneScape?

bury bones you get from killing creatures5 points for normal bones, monkey bones and burnt bones15 points for big bonesAnswer:If you have the money go to the grand exchange and buy about 1000 sets of big bones at a time and bury them all.

How do you train Prayer on RuneScape?

Get some bones and right click them a little menu should show up then left click "bury bones" on the little menu. then if do that lots then you will get your prayer level up. Life. But if you are high prayer and a member try buying dragon bones.

What is the best way to get 43 prayer in runescape?

Well if your f2p you can kill hill giants and bury their big bones as it levels prayer fast. If your a f2p player with more money you can just buy the big bones to bury. As a member its much better to use house altars with your bones so you get much more exp from each bone.

Can you bury bones that you bought at the grand exchange in runescape?


In runescape what is better to bury monkey bones or bones?

Theyre the same, though bones are obviously more abundant

In runescape if you bury bones with the monks set on will it give you less experience than without the monk robes?

Wearing any sort of outfit has no effect on prayer exp from bones, the exp you receive will neither drop nor go up.

Best way to train prayer p2p rs?

Bury large bones.

Can you have a free runescape account lvl 80 plus?

Sure you can. Create a new account, then do a lot of fighting to increase your level. Also bury bones to get prayer experience - this also increases your combat level.

If you have Level 1 in Prayer and you bury 222 Big Bones what will your Prayer Level be?

if you a level one with 222 big bones you might be a level 20 of higher