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It depends on the average hours you spend wc'ing a day.

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Q: How long will it take you from 65 woodcutting to get 99 on runescape cutting willows with a dragon hatchet?
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What is the quickest way to get to level 60 woodcutting in runescape?

Cutting Willows at Draynor is the Quickest way for Non-Members, otherwise cutting Maples at Seers Village is quicker for members.

How long will it take to get 57 woodcutting to 99 on runescape if you play 8 hours everyday by cutting oaks trees?

LOL, if you have lvl 57 woodcutting then cut willows in draynor beside the bank much faster than oaks imo

How do you get to 99 woocutting in RuneScape?

cut willows until level 70 woodcutting then cut yews until 99.

How many willows do you need to get from 50 to 60 woodcutting?

About 2.5k willows

Runescape how many willows you need to get 99woodcutting from 75 woodcutting?

To answer a question like that, you should use a Runescape skill calculator. you would need to cut about 172000 yew trees

What is the easiest way to get a woodcutting level to 60 in runescape?

Cut logs until you reach level 60. Cutting willows gives you experience fairly quickly. You may want to combine training woodcutting and firemaking (cut the logs, then burn them), but that will take longer than training only one skill.

What is the best tree to cut down to raise my woodcutting level quickly on runescape since I am not a member?

cut willows till you can cut yews ~key

Is cutting willows the fastest way to train woodcutting on runescape?

Yes, it is. People might argue maples are better at higher levels, but from 40-99, willows are fastest experience. Go for willows if you're after experience, but not money. if you're after both, then try Eucalyptus trees (after As A First Resort quest). Eucalyptus trees are wonderful experience, practically next to a bank, and quite good money.

What is the easiest way to level up woodcutting on runescape?

Powercutting at Willows in Draynor will provide a sturdy exp rate for those 30+, since it is near a bank.

Fastest wc xp in runescape?

Best for 30 - 75 wc is Willows and from 75 onwards it's yews, because of time cutting.

Rune scape how much woodcutting xp do you get from maple?

100 and they are almost as slow as yews so, you're actually better off sticking to willows for training your woodcutting.

What is a good way for a non-member on runescape to get 99 wc fast im lvl 66?

The best way for a non-member to level woodcutting is by chopping willows, you wont get much money from doing this but its the fastest way to level woodcutting (even in members) there are some willow trees located in Draynor near to the bank

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