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best Place To Cut Willows Is By Draynor Bank.

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Q: Where are willow trees in RuneScape?
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Where are all the willow trees on runescape?

a good lot of willow trees are right next to the bank in draynor village.

Where are weeping willow trees im lumbridge on runescape?

there is no weeping willows but there are willow trees and there are some just below the dranor bank.if you ever need help on runescape, i have a lvl 70 odd and am always happy to help :)

What are the different types of willow trees?

There is only one: Willow Tree. At least in RuneScape. If you meant the type of trees, they will be explained here: * Normal Tree * Oak Tree * Willow Tree * Yew Tree (F2P) Answer I don't know who or what Runescape is but in the arboricultural world Oak and Yew are not Willows. There are about 250 species of Willow trees and shrubs and many hybrids.

How do you get woodcutting lvl99 RuneScape?

Chop trees. Logs, Oak Logs, Willow, Yew.

Where can you cut willow trees on runescape?

There are several places; one option is the lake near Lumbridge.

What gives you better xp willow trees or maple trees in Runescape?

Maple Trees in terms of exp, willow trees in terms of speed. willows are good for non-members, maples are good for members with like 60+ wc, to make em slightly faster.

How do you rise your level in woodcutting in RuneScape?

Cut trees. lvl1-15(trees) lvl 16-90(oak, willow, pine, maple, yew)

Where is the best place to cut willow trees?

the best place to chop willows on runescape is probalbly Draynor... hope this help!

Willow trees wood is made from?

Willow trees.

How long do willow trees take to grow in runescape?

If you mean the one used in farming: 4 hours. As with all trees, this is a minimum; it may randomly take longer.

Are Willow trees in forests?

Yes Willow trees are in forests

What medicine is made by willow trees?

Aspirin is made from willow trees.

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