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This all depends on your body but this is mostly for everyone. You should work out 1-2 hours a day. If you do more than 2 hours the results will be same when you do 2 hours. For example you want to work out for 3 hours a day. Its useless since above 2 hours will not help your muscles anymore but just tire them more up so stick to 2 hours. 1 Hour for those who just have started working out.

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Q: How long should you work out in the gym?
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How should you work out in a gym?

To work out in a gym you should work out for about 10-15 minutes then take a 5-10 minute break because you do not want to overwork yourself.

Does the shakeweight work?

No it dosent in my opinion you should buy some gym equipment or go to the gym

Should twelve year old girls work out in the gym?

Not without a parent and not at a dominantly male gym.

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You should read the blog post at the related link below. It gives really good advice about whether or not to stay home or go to the gym or both!

What paint should be used on a gym floor?

The paint that should be used on a gym floor is an oil based paint. This paint adheres best to the surface and lasts a long time.

Are there any 24 hours Fitness gym around so I can maintain my Fitness?

The only problem is that if your work is dominated by work, you won't have time to travel to the gym if it's a long way away, so if your local gym doesn't offer 24 hours, I would suggest for you to have your own gym equipment.

Do any gym bags also work as a backpack?

Not many gym bags work as backpacks, but many backpacks work as gym bags.

Do you know where I can really workout and get a beach body?

At a gym. You can get a work out going at a gym, because that is what they are there for, a gym is used to get into shape and work out for sure. Try a gym.

How long should it take to make lean arm muscles?

This all varies on the person. Things like how much muscle they already have, how much time they will go to the gym, what they work out, how they work out, how they eat, amongst other things, are all needed in order to know how long it will take.

When you go to the gym for an hour and work out and you come home and work out for another 45 min is that good or bad even though you finish everything you need to at the gym?

You didn't work hard enough at the gym if you feel like you need to do more when you get home. You should feel pleasantly fatigued when you finish at the gym. But in answer to your question, No there is nothing wrong with continuing to exercise when you get home from the gym. It all adds up to a good result.

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you work out on a gym

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