How long is 500m in minecraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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is it 500 blocks

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Q: How long is 500m in minecraft?
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What does 500m mean in minecraft?

500m is an abbreviation for 500 million, or 500,000,000.

How many blocks equal 500m in minecraft?

500 blocks. One block is equal to one meter.

How long will it take a man running at 10m per second to travel 500m?

Try dividing 500m by 10m/s, what do you get oh yes 50s

What is 500m in centimeters?

500m is 50,000 centimeters. (100cm per meter)

What do you have to were for mens speed skating 500m?

That depends on wether your talking about short track or long track.

How do you convert 500m to kilometers?

You divide metres by 1000 So 500m = 0.5km

What is the strongest shape in resisting lateral forces is it the rectangle with a 500m x 400m base or triangle with a 800 x 500m base if the building is 500m high?

A triangle.

How do you calculate how long it takes to do 500meters at 60Kph?

60kph means you will travel 60km in an hour (60mins). If you divide both by 60 - you travel 1km in 1minute. 500m is half a km so you'll travel 500m in half a minute (30seconds)

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