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Well, your chances of finding a wild shiny pokemon are 1 in 8192 sooo to answer your question... a VERY VERY long time.

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Q: How long does it take to find a shiny pokemon in pokemon platinum?
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Were do you find a shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

A Shiny Pokemon can be found anywhere as long as wild Pokemon appear; even legendaries like Palkia or Dialga can appear Shiny! They are just extremely rare with a very low chance of 1/8192 encounters to find a Shiny.

How do you find a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon black?

It's mainly luck if you find a shiny Pokemon in Black. I was lucky and found a shiny Onix (yay) in Pokemon Platinum, but it's really rare. You're more likely to have your Pokemon get Pokerus (long story) than you are to find a shiny Pokemon. my best advice is to just go out and search grass like crazy. and FYI, i had played my Platinum game for more than 200 hours before i found the onix. ~Akiza

How do you find a sparkly Pokemon in platinum?

Either cheat... OR you can use the pokeradar and build up a really long chain. Eventually, this will find you a shiny pokemon. OR you can wander around and take the tiny chance that you will randomly encounter a shiny pokemon. OR you can slightly increase these odds by breeding different nationality pokemon, the baby one will be slightly more likely to be shiny.

Pokemon Platinum shiny ninetails action replay code?

an action replay code for just 1 Pokemon is really long try getting a code to turn all Pokemon shiny

How do you find a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

finding a shiny Pokemon in platinum is the same as any other game... you just have to look in the grass and if your lucky you can spot one... but the chances are really low... there somewhere along the lines of 8126 to 1... so you have to be really lucky to get one... you can also get one by cheating with an action replay... you can also chain for a shiny but its really hard and takes a long time

How can you do a Pokemon shiny?

you just find them in the long grass, but there rarely found.

How long does it take to find a shiny in Pokemon souls silver?

1 out of 8,000 chances you will see a shiny if it takes 8,000 chances for you to actually see a shiny Pokemon it will take you a dedicated 120 hours.

Can you get a shiny Pokemon in emerald?

Yes it takes 1 out of 8000 chances to find a shiny Pokemon all you need to do is look for wild Pokemon for a long time eventually you will be lucky. Trust me when i say you can catch a shiny Pokemon because i have done it myself it happened to be a shiny shuppet which i found on the route west of lilycove city.

How Do You Get Shiny Pokemon Without AR?

Short answer: Look around in the grass, water, and caves a lot. Long answer: There is a 1:8192 chance of meeting a wild shiny Pokemon. Breeding a non-shiny Pokemon with a shiny Pokemon increases the odds of the Pokemon in the egg being shiny to 1:64.

Where do you find shiny Pokemon?

finding shiny Pokemon is utter luck and catching it can only be possible after obtaining the national dex and the poke radar which can be obtained after talking to rowan after the upgrade of the dex then go to any wild grass or whatever it is called and after a long time or not you fill find a sparkle on one of the grass and go there and you will be attaced by a shiny Pokemon !

How do you get shiny pokemin?

You can't control when to get shiny wild Pokemon, they just appear occasionally. For instance, I found a shiny Meditite at Acuity Lakefront on Pokemon Diamond. I had no idea I was going to find one, but hey! The "Red Garydos" mentioned at the beginning on Diamond and Pearl is a shiny Pokemon. You can actually catch it. All you need to do is get Surf, and surf around in the middle of Lake Verity for a while. It takes a long time, but you will find a shiny Garydos. You can get an Action Replay. On Action Replay, you can get a code for all wild Pokemon being shiny.

How do you get shiny Pokemon in caves in Pokemon Diamond?

You will need to look for a long time, but if you are lucky, you can find one in a short time. Encountering a Shiny has a 1/8192 chance, so it is really rare and if you are specifically looking for shiny Pokemon in caves, there is no way to increase the chances of encountering one as of now.