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Right outside the house u find MH07 (the long snowy route to Snowpoint city) There u will find the item.

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Q: How do you get an icicle plate in Pokemon platinum?
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What is an icicle plate on platinum?

The Icicle Plate boosts Ice type moves. It also changes Arceus's type to Ice if it is holding it. Flanery

How do you get the icicle badge in Pokemon Platinum? beat the 7th gym

What do you do after you get the icicle bagde Pokemon platinum?

You go to Sunyshore and challenge their gym.

How is a Pokemon called Arceus with icicle plate?

i dont understand the question.

Pokemon diamond how do you get icicle plate?

Find it on Route 217 or Dig for it Underground.

How do you get a bug plate in Pokemon Platinum?

You can search on youtube. that's where i found Pokemon PLatinum plate locations.

Where is rock climb in Pokemon platinum?

HM08 (Rock Climb) is in Route 217 (south of Snowpoint) behind the man's house. After talking to the man in the house after getting the HM, he should give you an Icicle Plate.

How do you get the curse plate in Pokemon platinum?

there is no such thing as a "Curse Plate."

Where can you get a Mind plate on Pokemon platinum?


Which legendary pokemon is the best in Pokemon Platinum?

Arceus (With Dragon plate)

How many plates are in Pokemon platinum?

there are 16 plates hear are all the plates flame, zap, icicle,splash,meadow,fist,toxic, sky,insect,earth,mind,stone,spooky,dread,draco,and iron plate.

Where is iron plate in Pokemon platinum?

you can get iron plate by using explorer kit