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it took about 2 days for me

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Q: How long does it take for a Pokemon with ditto to lay a egg in the day car centure on Pokemon firered?
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How long does it take for any Pokemon to have an egg Pokemon FireRed?

you need a ditto and a rainbow ticket then go to the fourth island and go up to a daycare center and put the ditto in and another Pokemon but not legendary Pokemon and wait a little while when the man steps forward you will receive an egg.

Can a level 100 Pokemon breed with Ditto?

Yes as long the level 100 is not a another Ditto and Ditto is around lv 90

Can Ditto breed on Pokemon Platinum with a male Pokemon as well as a female one?

ditto can breed with ANY Pokemon as long as it has a gender. (rare Pokemon are genderless, so u cant breed them. >.<)

How to make Pokemon?

You can make any Pokemon (as long as it is not legendary or ungendered) by leaving it in the daycare center with a ditto.

How long does it take to duplicate Pokemon in FireRed?

Can take awhile cause firered wasn't meant for cloning.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Red with Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby?

Yes, you can breed with Pokemon from different regions, just as long as those Pokemon are in the same game at the same time. For example, you can breed a Pokemon FireRed Ditto with a Pokemon Ruby Mareep, just as long as the Ditto and Mareep are in the same region at the same time.

Can you breed a stoutland with a Ditto in order to get the elemental fangs?

Yes, as long as the father is Stoutland. The mother will be Ditto and even though the mother is the child (same Pokemon), Ditto's cannot be bred.

Help Budew does not like my Ditto and I need an egg what is wrong?

ditto should be able to breed with any Pokemon, except for genderless Pokemon and legendaries. if you wait long enough you should get an egg

When does houndoom have an egg in Pokemon platinum?

If it is with another houndoom or ditto it shouldn't take that long.

How long does it take to breed a manaphy and a ditto?

You cannot breed a legendary with any Pokemon.

Where do you battle a trainer with a Ditto on Pokemon platinum?

there is no trainer with a ditto but you can get one with the pokeradar next to canalave.NOTE:it will take a very long time and are not easy to catch.

Do Pokemon need to be the same level to breed?

no as long they are the opposite gender or any gender can breed with with a ditto