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Q: How level does riolu evolves to Lucario?
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What riolu evolves to?

Riolu evolves into Lucario at level 28-30 or so.

What level does roley evolve?

Riolu evolves when it is at max happiness. After that, level it. Then you will have a Lucario.

When does riolu evolve in Pokemon pearl?

lucario evolves at level 26

What level does riolu evolve for pk indigo?

he evolves into lucario at level 45 and up.

What does Lucario evolve into?

Riolu evolves into lucario and lucario doesn't evolve.

Who evolves from lucario?

At this point in time, Lucario is its final form. It does evolve from riolu.

What level does Lucario and roserade evovle at?

Riolu (Lucario) evolves when its Friendship status is maxed during the day when you level it up. Roselia (Roserade) evolves when you use a Shiny Stone on it.

What level does riolu evolve into Lucario?

Riolu evolves if it is at maximum happiness and levels up (at any level) during the day time.Riolu evolves with maximum friendship in Pokemon Heartgold.

What Pokemon evolves into Lucario?


How do you make Riolu evolve?

Riolu evolves into Lucario at level 14. (But if evolution is skipped, it will try to evolve at every level up after that as well.)

When does riolu evolve into Lucario on Pokemon diamond?

Riolu will envolve when riolu's level has reached to the required level. to level him up battle people or battle wild Pokemon

Is there an evolution before riolu in diamond?

Riolu is the pre-evolved form of Lucario and does not evolve. Riolu evolves into Lucario with happiness during the day, however.