What does Lucario evolve into?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Riolu evolves into lucario and lucario doesn't evolve.

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Q: What does Lucario evolve into?
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What lvl Does Lucario evolve at?

Lucario will not evolve.

What is the best way to evolve Lucario?


Does lucario evole?

No, Lucario does not evolve.

How do you evolve lucario?

Lucario doesn't evolve. What, were you expecting a really wicked Pokemon?

What level does Lucario evole at?

Lucario does not evolve.

What level does Lucario evolve?

it does not evolve

Does Lucario evolve on Pokemon diamond?

No Lucario does not evolve in any version of Pokemon. Lucario is the fully evolved form of its preceding evolution, Riolu.

What level does Lucario evolve at?

Lucario doesn't evolve according to level because it's not capable of evolving.

Does Lucario have an evolve?

no it doesnt.

How do you evolve riolu to Lucario in Pokemon pearl?

You must raise Riolu's happiness to the maximum then level it in order for it to evolve into Lucario.

How do you get Lucario's evolved form?

Lucario doesn't evolve. It is at its last evolution stage.

Does Lucario evovle?

Lucario can't evolve, I think that's the highest it can go. Hope I helped! :D