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Defeat the celadon city gym leader.

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Q: How get the fourth badge on Pokemon Red?
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What island is the forth badge on Pokemon firered?

island? the fourth badge is in celadon

Where is the fourth Pokemon badge in FireRed?

The 4th pokemon badge is given by Erika the Celadon City Gym Leader.

What is the fourth badge in Pokemon Ruby?

Lavarage its in. ST4282

Pokemon max lvl fourth badge?

lv30 ( :

What badge is in cerulean city Pokemon Red?

The Cascade Badge

What is Pokemon Red fifth badge?

In Pokemon Red, the fifth badge is possessed by the Poison-Type Koga. The badge is named Soul Badge. It lets you use Surf outside of Battle.

How do you get the fourth badge in Pokemon ruby?

Beat the Gym Leader

How do you get fourth badge in Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to the forth gym!

What is the fourth gym badge on Pokemon pearl?

the fourth gym is in celadon city at the bottom left of the city. the gym leader is erika. the badge is called the rainbow badge

What level Pokemon can you control with the fourth badge in Pokemon diamond?

any Pokemon lower than 40

Were do you get the fourth gym badge in the kanto region in Pokemon soulsilver?


How do you get the 4th badge in Pokemon emerald?

by beating the fourth gym leader