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you enter the the number of the Pokemon you want on the poketch calculater then go in the grass

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Q: How does the Pokemon modifiyer work on platinum for the dsi?
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Pokemon Platinum doesnt work for dsi?

I don't know,but my Pokemon platinum works fine on my dsi.

Pokemon Platinum not working for dsi?

it should work

Does the action replay work for platinum?

yes action replay does work on Pokemon platinum. does it work for the DSi?

Cheats for ar dsi platinum?

yes but you need the new action replay that works only for dsi. the old one for ds doesn't work on it.

Does the action replay for Pokemon platinum diamond and pearl work on dsi?


Will Pokemon Platinum ever be for the DSi?

Pokemon Platinum is a DS game, therefore works on the DSi, DSi XL and the 3DS also.

Does the US version of Pokemon Platinum work on a UK DSi console?


In Pokemon platinum how do you get infinite rare candies with new action replay for dsi?

You cant the action replay does not work with the dsi

Dsi cheat codes for Pokemon Platinum?

how can i get a level100 palkia in pokemon platinum

What is the funnest game on the dsi?

Pokemon platinum

Can you play Pokemon platinum on dsi?

yes, you can....

What action replay can work on ds lite and for Pokemon platinum?

The DS and DSi Action Replay both work on the Nintendo DS, But the DS Action Replay doesn't work on DSi.