How does a snapdragon reproduce?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It has to be pollinated by a bee It has to be pollinated by a bee

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Q: How does a snapdragon reproduce?
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For the flower, it is snapdragon.

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The genus of a snapdragon is called "antirrhinum." The species is known as "snapdragon." The genus includes lots of other shrubs and flowers, but the snapdragon is the only one located in North America.

When a red snapdragon and a white snapdragon produce pink snapdragons what has occurred?

That is an incomplete u have to slap that ah

Snapdragon is classified as a?


What is the kingdom of a snapdragon?


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This shows incomplete dominance, where neither allele is completely dominant over the other. In this case, the pink color is a blend of the red and white alleles, resulting in an intermediate phenotype.

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