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In order to turn a dragonache into an adult on viva pi–ata you will have to make sure you do a few things every day. Like making sure the dragonache has a bottle of milk, a snapdragon flower, a dragonfly and a Redhott or a Salamango.

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Q: How do you turn a dragonache into an adult on viva pinata?
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How do you hatch Dragonache in viva pinata?

Get a cluckles and direct it to the egg.

What type of pinatas are wild cards in viva pinata?

all of them except dragonache and choclodocus

How do you go into the mine in viva pinata pocket paradise and how do get a dragonache on viva pinata pocket paradise?

You are not allowed to go into the mine ever, but if you wait long enough then a dragonache egg will pop out, so check the mine at at least once a day.

How do you get rid of a dragonache on viva pinata?

There is no real way to rid this giant pinata permanently, but you can send it away by asking Gretchen Fetcher to.

What are the different colour dragonache on viva pinata pocket paradise?

I've got a green and purple one but there 20,000 of them

Do you create a pinata in viva pinata?

No, you can't create a Pinata on Viva Pinata.

On Viva Pinata what does wool turn into when tinkered?

It doesn't turn into anything.

How do you get medicine on viva pinata 2?

If you are talking about viva pinata trouble in paradise then you have to tinker some honey to turn it into a bottle of medicine i really hoped i helped!:]

What to turn a Ponocky into on Viva Pinata?

The ponocky does not evolve. You can evolve a Hostachio.

What is a Dragonache?

A Dragonache is a Dragon on Viva Pinata you cant romance, sell, buy, catch or buy a house for a Dragonache, it literally just flys around your garden or walks around your garden ALL day. The colour of the Dragonache depends which surface you hatch the egg on to.(eg; Water: Blue. Grass: Green. Dirt: Brown.) It is also the rarest Pinata in the whole game! To get a Dragonache you have to; buy a mine, buy 4 Diggerlings, get a Candary and put a gas mask on it, send the 4 diggerlings and the Candary with a gas mask on into the mine, wait for them to find a Dragonache egg, buy a cluckles to hacth open the egg, and... Vwala! Your very own Dragonache! And also, the Dragonache doesn't go into a cocoon either. I hope this Info helps you out!

How many vivapinata games is there?

There are 4. Viva Pinata on Xbox, Viva Pinata Trouble on paradise on Xbox, Viva Pinata pocket paradise, and another game with viva pinata minigames on Xobx. Also there are some other viva pinata minigames on a game called

How do you change a newgat in viva pinata?

you could feed it a chilli and it will turn into a salamango