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Get a heart scale from a diving spot located in various places on the sea. To get these, surf to a dark spot, use dive, and look for a slightly dark one space circle or an out of place rock that is one space wide. Click on this spot and see if it is a heart scale.

Once you have a heart scale, fly to Fallarbor town, the most northern town. Go to the house just left of the contest arena. Talk to the man inside. He will teach one of your Pokemon a move for a heart scale. Give him the scale and choose Bellossom. Choose the move Magical Leaf.

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Q: How does Bellossom learn Magical Leaf in Pokemon Sapphire?
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When does kirlia learn magical leaf in Pokemon sapphire?

Kirlia CANNOT learn Magical Leaf in R/S/E but in D/P/Plat it learns Magical Leaf on Lv22.

What level and how does Bellossom learn Magical Leaf in LeafGreen?

it doesn't because you can't get in leaf green because it's kanto leaf green and bellossom is in johto

Pokemon Sapphire who can learn flash?

The following Pokemon that you can easily get to learn Flash in Sapphire: Beautifly or Dustox Lotad or Lombre Oddish Gloom

What Pokemon know sweet scent in sapphire?

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Oddish, Gloom, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel, Bellossom, Surskit, Masquerain, Mawile, Illumise, Roselia, and Tropius can all learn it by leveling up or having them remember the move again. Paras, Shuckle, and Lotad can learn it by breeding.

Does bellossom learn any moves?

Bellossom cannot learn Petal Dance or Solar Beam via level up in DPPTHGSS. However, Bellossom can learn Solar Beam through TM. Gloom learns Petal Dance at level 53, so if you let it learn Solar Beam, then evolve it. In RSEFRLG, Bellossom will learn both Petal Dance and Solar Beam. Petal Dance at level 44 and Solar Beam at level 55.

Can swellow learn zap cannon on Pokemon Sapphire?


Does Metagross learn earthquake in Pokemon sapphire?

It can learn it via the TM but not by level.

Location of bellossom in Pokemon Ruby?

use a sun stone on a gloom. train it to LV 52 and it will learn leaf storm.

Pokémon sapphire klone Pokémon?

You can only clone Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. Not Sapphire and Ruby. To learn how to do it, search it up for a guide.

In Pokemon sapphire does Kyogre learn tsunami at level 80?


When can you get the ferry in slateport on sapphire Pokemon?

When you learn to use the force.

What Pokemon can learn surf on sapphire?

Any water Pokemon besides magikarp and also linoone can learn surf as well.