How does Arceus change types?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You have to give it the plates you find. He changes to the type that it would normally boost the power of.

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Q: How does Arceus change types?
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What Pokemon change types using plates in diamond?

That'd be Arceus.

What is the Pokemon diamond code for all the seventeen Arceus types?

If you have Arceus, then all you have to do is give it one of the plates that can be collected around Sinnoh, for example, the Splash Plate. Then the Arceus will change its type.

What are arceus' types?

arceus is normal type

Who is the best Pokemon Arceus or hoho?

Arceus is more powerful than Ho-Oh, it has higher stats in everything except in Special Defence and it can change types with a specific plate.

If Arceus changes type does it get that types weakness?

ARCEUS______Arceus is the GOD of all Poke'Mon, and the plates eg.Sky Plate are used to change Arceus's type, and yes, arceus gets advantages and disadvantages of having them on.So have a wide range of plates.Hope this helps!

Is Arceus the best Pokemon on Pokemon?

I think so but I'm not that sure!Another answerI don't think so....... he is just a copy of mew, but Arceus can change types. On the other hand, I don't use legendarys.

What do you do with the plates the ss captain gives you?

if you give them to an arceus the arceus would change types, for example a flame plate would obviously make him a fire type! Plates also power up moves of their type.

Once you catch arceus how do you make him change colour?

give him different types of plates e.g sky plate spooky plate etc

Is there a evolution of arceus?

Arceus does not evolve in the traditional sense like most Pokémon. It is considered a Legendary Pokémon and has no known evolution.

Who is better mewto or Arceus?

It totally depends on stats purely and moves you teach each Pokemon and since arceus can change its type if it were a type psychic types beat like poison mewtwo would dominate on the other hand if your arceus was a strong dark type mewtwo would fall easily.

How do you change arceus into fire arceus?

You will need to have Arceus to hold a Flame Plate and its Multitype ability will change its type to Fire. You can obtain the Flame Plate in Stark Mountain in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Alternatively, you acquire a Flame Plate by showing a hiker in Oreburgh Mine an Arceus in Pokemon Platinum only.

Can Arceus defend itself to all types?