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You might consider trying to firmly attach the Pokéwalker to a fan and then turning both devices on.

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Q: How do youo cheat on the pokewalker?
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Is there any way to cheat a pokewalker?

Since there are no codes for Heart Gold yet, I know a little secret...... You know when you put a Pokemon on the Pokewalker, if saves afterward. Well, while its saving turn off the power. Now you have two of that pokemon. One in your PC box and one on the pokewalker. :-)

How can you hack the pokewalker to get watts without walking?

You cannot cheat on the Pokewalker. The most you can do is shake it, but the Pokewalker has sensors that analyze whether or not you are just shaking it and cheating the system. Walking creates different rhythms and shakes on the Pokewalker, while shaking it is continuous. The device can tell the difference. Just walk with the Pokewalker clipped to your clothing or in your pocket.

How do you get pokewalker in soul silver?

You cant get pokewalker in soulsilver when you buy it you get it at gamestop in the box is the pokewalker

Where can you get a kelceon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Kecleon can be found on poke walker- treehouse. Transfer it from pokewalker to soul silver its the only way, or cheat or trade. -isafritas

How do you put the clip on the pokewalker?

You unscrew the original back of the pokewalker OFF of the pokewalker, then replace it with the back with the clip.

How do youo get rid of you puffle?

dont feed it and it will just run away.

How many areas in a pokewalker?

there are 27 areas in the pokewalker.

How do you get the rare Pokemon on the pokewalker?

By unlocking the pokewalker route

Where can you get the pokewalker from?

To get the Pokewalker, you have to buy the game that goes with it (because otherwise, the Pokewalker is useless), which is either Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver.

Can pokewalker crouses be removed?

You can't remove courses from the pokewalker.

How do you get a ether in the pokewalker?

Go to the dowsing on the pokewalker menu and get lucky!

Do pokewalker courses get errased when you restart the game or pokewalker?