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Simply weaken it to red HP paralyze it and use as many net balls as you can.

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Q: How do youn catch kyogr with a net ball in Pokemon emerald for gba?
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What ball do you use to catch latias in Pokemon emerald?

a master ball!!!

How do you catch rayqayza in Pokemon emerald?

brug timer ball

Can you catch Groudon with a premier ball in emerald?

You can catch any Pokemon with any ball it all depends on luck.

What is the ball that you can catch groundon in Pokemon emerald?

you can use master ball in caught the groudon

How do you catch the lengendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

With an ultra ball or master ball in sky tower. The name of it is Rayquaza :)

How do you catch nidoran in Pokemon emerald?

You can't do it quickly or with a master ball

How do you catch rigirock in Pokemon emerald?

use ultra ball until you catch it but if that doesn't work continue with the timer ball and that is sure to do the trick

How do you get the light ball for Pikachu?

well i know on Pokemon emerald, when you catch a pikachu, it is already holding a light ball

Do you need a master ball to catch raquaza in Pokemon emerald?

No just plenty of ultra balls.

Can you catch Latios in an Ultra Ball in Pokemon Emerald?

Latios is a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. It can be caught with an Ultra Ball, although it is not very likely unless the player has managed to whittle down its HP and affected its status in some way.

Pokemon Emerald Rayquaza?

sky pillar i used master ball cause i wanted to catch him or ultra ball but get it hella weak

How do you catch Beldum in Pokemon emerald?

You get Beldum for free, from Steven after you finish the Pokemon League, go to Stevens house and the ball will be on the table.