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Latios is a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. It can be caught with an Ultra Ball, although it is not very likely unless the player has managed to whittle down its HP and affected its status in some way.

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Q: Can you catch Latios in an Ultra Ball in Pokemon Emerald?
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Can you catch Latios and Latias in Pokemon Colosseum?

No, you can only get Latias in Sapphire and Emerald and Latios in Ruby and Emerald.

What level is Latios in Pokemon Emerald when you catch it?

40 (:

Can you catch latios in Pokemon emerald?

yes you can, you get to catch it after you complete the battle tower

What is the quickest way to catch latios?

In Pokemon ruby you can catch latios but not latias, in Pokemon sapphire you can catch latias not latios, in emerald you can choose. Use your master balls on them so they wont fly away. You can use other types of balls, eg timer ball, ultra ball, or great ball on the other legendaries.

Can you get both latias and latios on emerald?

It is possible, but you can't catch them both on 1 Pokemon game. If you have Pokemon Emerald, Ruby and or Sapphire. Then you can get them both. For example: Someone trade Latios and you have Latias, trade an another Pokemon for Latios and you have them both.

How do you get Latios and Latias on Pokemon Emerald?

you go fly in the air and catch him with a net

Do you need an event to catch latios in pokemon emerald?

no just watch ur tv

How can you catch all the legendary Pokemon Emerald?

all i know is how to get the regis and latios or latias.

What legendarys can you catch in Pokemon sapphire?

For Pokemon ruby you can catch the three regis, rayquaza, groudon, and latios/latias. In sapphire you can catch the three regis, rayquaza, kyogre, and latios/latias. However, in emerald you can catch kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, the three regis, and latios/latias.

How do you catch latias and latios in Pokemon FireRed?

That's not possible latias and latios are caught in ruby, sapphire or emerald you must trade them to firered to get them.

How do you catch latios in emerald?

After beating the Pokemon League, go to your house and look at the TV show currenty on. Identify the mystery Pokemon on TV as blue, and Latios will be anywhere in Hoenn.

What lengendary Pokemon can you catch in Emerald?

Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, The Regis, Latios and Latias, and a lot more.