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all i know is how to get the regis and latios or latias.

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Q: How can you catch all the legendary Pokemon Emerald?
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What is the easyest way to catch all three legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

1 hack 2 master ball cheat 3 use the have every legendary code

How catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

defeat all gyms,elite 4 and champion of that region to catch legendary pokemon

Where do you find the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

all the legendaries and how to get them here

How do you catch all Pokemon in emerald?

if you don't have that Pokemon just catch it and evolve it

How do you get all the legendary Pokemon by cheating in emerald?

Use Gameshark.

How do you catch all 32 legendary pokemon?

to catch all legendary Pokemon buy a action replay and select challenge. use on firered,leafgreen,emerald,diamond pearl topaz.then go to 6 or 7 island and go in the dotted hole and there will be thirty-two chambers good luck

Can you get cyndaquile with out emerald?

Catch all the pokemon.

How can you get all the Pokemon in one go on emerald?

You cannot catch all the pokemon in emerald. You much catch the maximum for that game, and trade or cheat in the rest.

Can you catch all legendary Pokemon in Pokemon diamond WITHOUT hacks?


Why is moltres so hard to catch?

Moltres is a legendary pokemon all legendary pokemon are harder to capture.

Where to get all legendary birds in Pokemon emerald?

You have to trade it from FireRed or LeafGreen

Where are all legendary bird Pokemon in emerald?

beat the Pokemon league in fire fed and emerald then trade them and if you want duplacat them.(duplacating only in emerald)