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no but if you catch all the hoenn pokemon you can catch jotho and kanto pokemon

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Q: Can you get to other regions in Pokemon emerald version?
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Do you get to other regions in Pokemon Emerald?

No, you cannot go to other regions in Pokémon Emerald.

Get to other regions in emerald version?


Does sudowoodo evolve in pokemon emerald?

No..sudowoodo never evolves into any pokemon ..not only in emerald but any other version...

Can you go to other regions on Pokemon platinum because you can on emralde?

I am not certain it is possible to go to other regions in Platinum, but I don't think they are accessible simply because you could do that it in the Emerald version. The only way (in my opinion) to get to the other regions are by using Action Replay cheats.

Does shuckle evolve you Pokemon Emerald?

No, Shuckle can't evlove in Emerald or any other version.

How do you get Pokemon with unknown areas on Pokemon emerald?

you trade with others who has the kanto, johto, or other hoen regions

In Pokemon emerald What is the point of the national dex?

To find Pokemon from other regions that you couldn't normally get in hoenn.

Can you travel to other regions in Pokemon black version?

No u can't

Is it possible to catch Pokemon from other regions in Pokemon emerald?

Yes there are plenty of kanto and mostly johto Pokemon you can find in emerald most of them can be hunted down in the safari zone.

Can you go to any other regions on white version?

No. If you want to go to other regions you must buy other Pokemon games.

How do you get to other regions in platinum?

you cant. its just a one region version of pokemon.

How do you get Eevee in Emerald version?

There isn't an eevee in Pokemon Emerald. If you go to you can find lots of other way to get eevee in the other games

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