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You will need to be a runescape member to post on forums, if you are a free user you can only browse them.

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Q: How do you write on the forums RuneScape?
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How do you double space on RuneScape forums?

In a short answer word, you cannot. Jagex made the Runescape forums a place to discuss Runescape, and therefore they didn't want spamming of the forums. With multiple spaces, that produces larger posts, and ligimate threads get bumped off of the forums.

How do you write a complaint to Jagex in RuneScape?

You cannot send a complaint directly to Jagex, you can however post it in the "Rants" section of the runescape forums if you are non-member level 250+ or if you are simply a member.

How to give feedback to RuneScape?

Go to the forums

What are the requirements to post on the RuneScape Forums?

To post on the RuneScape Forums, your account must meet one of the following requirements:You have a total level of 500 or more.You are a RuneScape member.So, non-members with a total level of 500 or more are able to post on the RuneScape Forums. Additionally, all RuneScape members are able to post on the Forums.Players with an in-game mute, an in-game ban, or a forum ban will be unable to post on the Forums for the duration of that mute or ban.

How much total level you need to speak at runescape forums?

Free To Play Requirements:To post on the forums as a free to play (F2P) Player of RuneScape you need a minimum total level of 350. Pay To Play Requirements:To post on the forums as a pay to play (P2P) Player AKA a "Member" Of RuneScape you do not need any requirements, you are able to post on the forums from the time you join the P2P part of RuneScape.

How do you become a Kaizer Chiefs membership?

Runescape forums.

How can you message to RuneScape staff?

Go to forums on the runescape website and find the forum contact us.

How do you make a blog on RuneScape community?

Use the RuneScape forums, and post/update you blog in the 'general' section.

How do you get a Halloween mask in RuneScape?

You have to buy one, try the ge or the forums.

Where can you sell in bulk in runescape besides the GE?

Try checking forums

How do you delete a post on the runescape forums?

You can't you need a forum moderator to do it.

Is there a cc in RuneScape for wcing?

There is most likely a Cc for every kind of skill there is in RuneScape, the best way to find them is look in their respective categories on the forums or in the general chat forums to see who started one.