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You cannot send a complaint directly to Jagex, you can however post it in the "Rants" section of the runescape forums if you are non-member level 250+ or if you are simply a member.

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Q: How do you write a complaint to Jagex in RuneScape?
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How can you email Jagex about complaints?

IF your needing to contact Jagex HQ about anything visit their site at If it's a Runescape related complaint than you can post on the Runescape Forums under the Complaint section.

Did Jagex really create RuneScape?

Yes, JaGeX are the creators of RuneScape. Paul and Andrew Gower formed JaGeX.

What was runescape like before Jagex took over?

Jagex has been in control of RuneScape ever since its launch in 2001, because RuneScape creator Andrew Gower was the founder of Jagex.

Where was RuneScape made?

runescape was made by jagex by the brothers paul gower and Andrew gower who later formed jagex in the jagex studios at cambridge,England

Is real jagex in runescape in hong kong?

No, Jagex is in England.

Who is the owner or RuneScape?


Is hacking RuneScape illegal?

'Hacking' RuneScape in any way is violation of Jagex's Terms and Conditions. This is because hacking RuneScape or other systems of Jagex is an infringement of Jagex's intellectual property rights, which is against the law.

Who made RuneScape the online game?

Runescape was made by Jagex.

Who is RuneScape host?

Jagex LTD

Why does Jagex not have a RuneScape account?

They do because the NPCs -yellow dots and some other players are Jagex staff that enforce the rules of Runescape.

How can you email Jagex I have some ideas for runescape?

You can email Jagex, but if you have ideas discuss them on the forums.

How do you get an editor for Runescape?

There is no editor for Runescape. The only people that have the programs to edit or change Runescape is Jagex.