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First go to the snow forts after talking with G. Talk to the penguins with the target and then throw the snowballs at the target. If you succeed, they will give you it. Then go to the beach and click on the empty bucket next to the penguin with the chair. Go to the town and get a poster off Rookie. Take the bucket to the snow forts and click next to the first fort and it will fill. Go to the Pizza parlour and pick up the sheet of music lying next to the piano. Then go to the stage and put the music sheet on the piano. the notes are coloured so press the keys on the piano according to the colour and order. The yellow puffle will then come out. step away from the piano and give the puffle the bucket of snow and poster. He will build a cog wheel. Go to the Gadget room at HQ and put it on the test chamber and click the freeze button. This will make the cog wheel solid. Next go to the cabinets in the HQ next to the brown cupboard and click on the one with the magnet in. Type in KEY using the PSA code. Take the electro magnet to the iceberg and find the spring floating in an ice cube just near the iceberg. click on it with the electro magnet and it should come. Then go back to the gadget room and test chamber and this time press the button with fire on. This will melt all the ice. Take all the parts to the snow forts and click on the clock tower. Place the cog wheel on the big round thing in the middle, the spring parallel to the other spring and the target on the rod sticking out from the clock tower!

Sorry if some instructions are slightly wrong but as far as I know they are all correct.

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Q: How do you win the clockwork repair on CP?
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