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there is no key to cp!

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2010-05-20 22:23:15
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Q: How do you get the key cp?
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What is the CP Generator activation key?

If you meant the Programme that is a Blue Box With the Title CP Generator, the key is : D136CA49C19BB0D126DC .

How do you get the key in cp?

It is at the end of rockhoppers journal in the book room.

Do yo have to be a member to get the key to open the door in the hidden lake in cp?


What is the WEP key password to get onto Nintendo WFC on elite penguin force cp?

It´s always different.

How do you beat mission 10 in cp?

You press (not in the speech box) GGGBCDSE then press the "End" button on your key board.

How can you get the moss key without being a member?

u cant do u even play cp u should know that

Where is test cp on cp?

test it !

Where is the key in the case of the missing coins on Club Penguin?

CP Mission No3 Case of the Missing Coins Gary has the key to the roof, but you will have to DRAW from your knowledge of the secret code. Good luck!

How do you cp in cp trainer 3?

get penguin strom 11 form cp

How do you hack a cp account?

Cp blizzard

How do you become a cp on Club Penguin?

l'm a cp, your a cp, cp means Club Penguin so when ever you see that , it means club penguin

What level do you have to get to so you can get the key on clubpenguin?

Are you talking about to get the hidden room in the under ground mine? Well, you'd have to go to the puffle rescue game, be a member, and click the level with the black puffle. You pass the level, i belive, you get the key immediatly. Im not a member so im not sure how you get the key dead on, but i know that much. I'm Wowhoa or Wayss on CP. Hope i meet you some time! -Wowhoa and Wayss on cp

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