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talk to the person there if you have a pokemon id. of 12345 you will get the master ball

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Q: How do you win in lottery in Pokemon gold?
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How do you win the lottery in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the lottery is not in leafgreen.

In Pokemon Gold how to get another masterball?

you have to win the lottery in jublane city the more you win the more master balls you get (the tv station).howp this helps.

How do you win the lottery in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant

How do you get more than one master ball on Pokemon heart gold?

You can get another masterball by winning the lottery with every single number.

How do you win the lottery in Pokemon Diamond?

You Win the lottery by luck and skills. But it's mostly luck that you need. To improve your chances, you can trade Pokemon with different ID's.

How do you win exp share in Pokemon lottery in Pokemon gold?

If the last 3 digits match you get exp share. The more IDs you have in your boxes the higher chance you have of winning

In diamond how can you get a bunch of of masterballs?

win the Pokemon lottery

What do you get when you win the lottery in Pokemon Emerald?

I think a masterball

Is there a cheat code to win the lottery in Pokemon diamond?


What do you get if you win the lottery on Pokemon sapphire?

I am pretty sure you get a masterball.

Do you get a second master ball in Pokemon heartgold?

Yes, the only possible way to get the second one is to win it in the lottery. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do u win the lottery?

How do you win a lottery in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Answer One: Get really lucky and you might winAnswer Two: The lottery number is the same with the Pokemon's ID number, so the more Pokemon you have, the better possibility of winning a lottery.