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you can dum noobs you have to do a quest first -.-

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Q: How do you wield gadderhammer on RuneScape?
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How do you wield a fox on RuneScape?

You can't wield a fox on RuneScape... LOL never dude

How do you wield a dye in RuneScape?

you cant you can only have it in your inventory

What level do you have to be to wield a zamorok shield on runescape?

40 Defence

What lavel do you have to be to wield a guthix shield on runescape?

40 Defence

Runescape requirements to wield a warrior helmet?

depends on what type.

How do you change weapons in Runescape?

If you have a weapon in your inventory, click on it to wield it. This will un-wield any other weapon you have in your weapon slot.

What does the golden hammer do in RuneScape?

It saves a spot when smithing because you can wield it.

Is mage pure strong on RuneScape?

Yes, especially if you wield Ancients.

What does attack do for you on RuneScape?

Attack makes you hit more often and makes you wield weapons

What does the lily of the valley do on RuneScape?

i dont think it dose anything really except wield it.

How do you wield the sword and shield in the tutorial in runescape?

Just left-click both of them and you will equip both.

How could you use a staff not wielding it on runescape?

Impossible, you would have to wield the staff to gain it's effects.