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You should receive a verification address in your E-Mail , if not nothing must have gone wrong , and you should try again.

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Q: How do you verify my account in roblox?
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How do you verify your account on roblox?

In roblox to verify your account you have to check your mail box with the e-mail you put in when you signed up for roblox.

How do you talk on roblox without making a new account?

You will need to ask your parents to verify your account.

How do you get to account settings on roblox?

going to my roblox, and then going to account settings under the my roblox tool bar

How do you change your talk settings in roblox?

Just go verify your account and then you will have a choice to change it make sure your 13 and up otherwise I don't know if it will work.

How do you create a free Roblox account?

You can create a free account on roblox at

How do you make a Roblox account on Roblox test server?

You can make an account on a test server what you need to do is make an account on normal roblox then sign-in using your normal account

What account do all admin use on ROBLOX?


Who is the creater of roblox?

The CEO of roblox is me, John Artolag. ROBLOX account: FireKnight01

Where do you invite people to Roblox?

Go to "My Roblox", and click the "Share Roblox" button. There you can send emails from your Roblox account to their email account. _________________________________________________________________ If you invite 3 or more people you get a badge for it.

What is sonicthehedeghogxx on Roblox?

It's a Roblox account. sonicthehedgehogxx is a person...

How do you type your own words on roblox?

First you have to be over 13 years if age, or have a parent verify your account through email. Once your done with that then all you have to is click the / button and type what you want.

Did roblox make roblox?

No. David Baszucki and Erik Cassel (1967-2013) are the creators of ROBLOX. David's Account: david.baszucki Erik's Account: erik.cassel