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You can make an account on a test server what you need to do is make an account on normal Roblox then sign-in using your normal account

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But what if I don't have an account????

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Q: How do you make a Roblox account on Roblox test server?
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When will there be Roblox on macs?

We do not know exactly when Roblox will come out for Mac. Since it is in testing I would guess that it will probably come out sometime in 2012. Roblox can, of course, already be played on mac but only on the test server.

How do you make a accound in your wow server?

If your the Owner go into your Database>Logon>Accounts and create yours, then restart your server. If you are a public test player dude go to there registration website and create the account or email them your account info so tehy can do it for you.

What formats of Mac are needed for roblox?

Currently the official version of Roblox does not support any version of Mac. Currently, on the test server, you can download and play Roblox on Macs. The latest versions of Macs will be supported when it is officially released.

Is john doe from roblox really a hacker?

John Doe is not a hacker and was made to be a test account.

Dose roblox have a bug?

No, as far as I know, Roblox does not have a bug. All bugs are reported and removed in the next update. Whenever the test server comes online, you can go there, and help find bugs in the game.

How do you get free OBC on Roblox test?

Go to the test siteLog onPress Builders ClubPress the OBC hatPress MonthlyPress PayA test user called John Doe 'pays for you'. If you get a message saying 'ERROR: Transaction declined by bank' just keep trying it will eventually work. Also, please note that this may not work all the time on the test server. It is usually only enabled when Roblox is testing BC-Only features.

Do you have a Roblox?

Go on, make an account, download roblox, and start playing games. BTW you don't need to download ROBLOX if you either use Internet Explorer or FireFox. You can also go to to test games, or to test the website?; Everyone uses those sites. Whatever's above me was not written by the author: bzsdmh, but this was: There's really nothing to do in roblox except playing bad games, you don't earn anything at all rather then enjoyment of playing the game, simple as that. It's quite a bad and simple game, many kids hating, scamming, stuff like that. It's really unfortunate

Im on roblox test but now you cant get back to roblox?

you go to the website and choose a game it will say install the original roblox

Are you allowed to glitch in pirates online?

No. Not even on the test server. You agreed to the terms of use and using a glitch on purpose will get your account TERMINATED. Thank you!-Illbeback

What is the tankionline test server invite code?

type: "a9779sh743gf83479g793thrg98348t797ve7r2379t4379rg3479ygshu432" into it and it should allow you to continue to the test server.

What is the test server on pirates online?

The Test Server, is a special expansion only accessible by invitation, from the pirates online crew. On the Test Server, you can experience the newest updates for the game, before they are released to the Public. The test server is good if you are eager to see what's new with the game.

What do you type to go to the roblox test?

you eat cake..