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Just go verify your account and then you will have a choice to change it make sure your 13 and up otherwise I don't know if it will work.

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Q: How do you change your talk settings in roblox?
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How do you change roblox pin?

Change the country your from in settings.

How do you change your to 13 and up in roblox?

Go to Account and you can change your settings.

How do you change chat settings on roblox?

Make a parent account for your avatar and personalize your chat settings

On roblox your person wont talk and its not a guest?

Well you have to say you are 13 years old or you could make a parent account and add your account to the list and change the chat settings.

How do you get to account settings on roblox?

going to my roblox, and then going to account settings under the my roblox tool bar

How do you change dollars to pounds when purchasing robux on roblox?

Change your location on settings to United Kingdom.

How do you use your own chat on roblox if you already have an account with safe chat on?

Make a parent acount and change the settings on ur roblox

How do you change from safe chat on Roblox?

You can change your setting by clicking 'My Roblox' and selecting "Account". If there is no option there to switch to regular chat, than you may have to create a parent account to change the settings.

Where is the change password button on roblox?

You go to My Roblox > Account > Change Password

How do you change your age on Roblox?

Roblox does not store information about your age. It does ask you whether you are over 13 when you sign up, but that's only so it can decide what privacy settings to apply to you. If you said you were under 13, you will have to set up a parental account to change your privacy settings.

Who can you chat with on roblox?

If you are in a Roblox game, you can chat with anybody. If you are not in a game, it will depend on your privacy settings. To check them, click on the button that says 'Online' at the bottom right corner of the website. Then, click on 'Settings'. From there, you will be able to view them and change it as you wish.

How Do You Change What if your User Name On Roblox?

You can now do display names. BUT FIRST, you need to install Tunnelbear then sign to it after that you choose where you live. When your DONE go to Roblox settings on top of your username you will see something that says DISPLAY NAME on the right click on the pencil next to DISPLAY NAME then change it however you want. BUT, you can only change it every 7 days, SO use it wisely! How I know, I am a ROBLOX moderator.