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Q: How do you use your models in roblox studio?
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How do you use models in building on roblox?

You have to open roblox studio instead of play roblox it sould be on your computer. Click on the two spaners or something and a window will come up click the my models or free models

How do you use models if your computer is a mac on roblox?

Go to (Mac only) For ROBLOX Studio download. ROBLOX studio for Mac is in Beta testing and will come out very soon, As there are still some bugs. But go to that site and download Studio!

How do you use free models on your roblox house?

Go on to roblox studio click the tool box then the third one the right go into models and place it. GOOD LUCK :D

How do you Make Transportation in roblox studio?

you can get it in free models

How do you use free models on roblox?

First open roblox studio, and load the place you want to insert a model into. Open the Insert window and select free models. From here you can search for and insert free models.

How do you put models in roblox using roblox studio 2.0?

Same as the old one

How do you change the name of soldiers on roblox game?

What do you mean? And you change the name of the models on Roblox Studio.

How you build on roblox?

Use the Roblox Studio.

Where do you find your models in roblox?

First, you open up Roblox Studio. Next, you click "Tools". Then go to "My Models", then click the model you want!

How do you place model in place for the new roblox for 2011?

Go to menu then look for "Roblox Studio". Click roblox studio then find the toolbox. Click that and you can make and insert models into your place.

Can you use GUI's in personal servers on roblox?

No, you have to use roblox studio for that.

How do I put models into my game on ROBLOX?

Old way doesn't work anymore. You need to go in the "ROBLOX Studio." You go to your place and click "Edit Mode." and when your game loads you go to tools, then toolbox and if you want to script click on explorer. Then in toolbox search for the models you want, click on them, and click where you want them.