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First, you open up Roblox Studio. Next, you click "Tools". Then go to "My Models", then click the model you want!

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Q: Where do you find your models in roblox?
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Were to find roblox meshes?

Either create your own, take them from Roblox-created gear/hats, or search in free models.

Can you get banned for models roblox?

Yes. If you're models are inappropriate ROBLOX can ban you.

How do you get a car on roblox?

You find it in the "Catalog" Section, Then go to free stuff, After that to models.

How do you make weapons for your place in Roblox?

First off. Go to roblox studio. (the other option when your beginning the game), Then go to the catalog and select models, Find the model you like then get it. Go to your house while in roblox studio and go to insert, Find Models. Click the model and it should be there.

How do you put a model on a roblox character?

My ROBLOX > Character > Models

How do you place model in place for the new roblox for 2011?

Go to menu then look for "Roblox Studio". Click roblox studio then find the toolbox. Click that and you can make and insert models into your place.

How do you wear models roblox?

You cannot wear models on ROBLOX.

How do you use models in building on roblox?

You have to open roblox studio instead of play roblox it sould be on your computer. Click on the two spaners or something and a window will come up click the my models or free models

Where do you find you item inventory on roblox?

First click "My Roblox". The click on "My Stuff" on the upper navigation bar. From here you will be able to see everything that you own from hats to models.

Can you where models in roblox?

Be more specific. If you mean "Can you wear hat models on Roblox" then yes, in a game, but no on your profile.

What do you do with a set on ROBLOX?

You add free models to it or models you make yourself.

How do you put models in roblox using roblox studio 2.0?

Same as the old one