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What do you mean? And you change the name of the models on Roblox Studio.

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Q: How do you change the name of soldiers on roblox game?
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How do you custom name your roblox game?

Go to 'Configure Place' on your 'Places' and change it.

What is roblox's username?


How do you change your game's name on roblox?

First make sure you are logged in and click My Roblox. Second click "places" on the top toolbar. Click edit on the place you want the change the name of. From there you will be able to change the name and description of your place.

How can you change the color of your name on Roblox if it is possible?

You cannot change the colour of your name.

how to u change your roblox group nameif you know let me know?


Can you change your roblox group name?

no you can't but you can with the desc! :D

How do you change the name of your game on Roblox?

First, go to the webpage of the game whose name you want to change. Then, scroll down and you should see 'Configure this Place'. Click on it. After that, under 'Basic Settings', you should see 'Name' and a box below. Put in the new name for the game and click the blue 'Save' button. This will save the new name for the game.

What does roblox mean?

Im not sure that ROBLOX stands for anything i mean like ROBLOX is all about ROBOTS and Legos so ROBLOX is that combined just look at the name.

How do you delete badges from a game in roblox?

You can't but you can re-name them.

How do you change the commander of an object on roblox?

Just change the name of the models Parent, if its Workspace then not possible.

How do you name your game on Roblox?

First, click on configure place. Next, enter the name of your place.

How do you change your username on roblox?

You cant...So when ur registering think of the name you really want so you wouldn't want to change ur name when you entered the game. But if you still really want to, then register again with your new name. Hope this helps ^_^

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