What does roblox mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Im not sure that Roblox stands for anything i mean like ROBLOX is all about ROBOTS and Legos so ROBLOX is that combined just look at the name.

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It’s a game

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where did you get that

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Q: What does roblox mean?
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Will Roblox visit other places?

Well, first of all, what exactly do you mean by "ROBLOX"? Do you mean like the ROBLOX staff user ROBLOX?

How do you get taxes in roblox?

There are no taxes on Roblox, what do you mean?

What does wallie mean in Roblox?

Well at the ROBLOX Wiki that is where you find out that information.

What does SFL mean in roblox?

SFL on roblox mean singe file line. Its most used in army games

Did roblox make roblox?

No. David Baszucki and Erik Cassel (1967-2013) are the creators of ROBLOX. David's Account: david.baszucki Erik's Account: erik.cassel

What is the game that copied Roblox?

Minecraft copied roblox I mean non of each other did dumb

How do you find cheats on Roblox?

Unless you mean a certain ROBLOX game, there aren't any cheats.

How do you change the name of soldiers on roblox game?

What do you mean? And you change the name of the models on Roblox Studio.

What does obby mean?

its a obticicle course from roblox

What does gtg mean in roblox?

gotta go

Who was old roblox?

"Old Roblox", doesn't refer to a person, it refers to a thing or idea. Usually, when players on Roblox talk about "the old Roblox", they are nostalgically referring to what Roblox was like when they joined. Roblox used to have less players, and therefore a smaller and nicer community. This is usually what people mean when they refer to "the old Roblox".

What is a one day ban on roblox?

On Roblox, a one day ban means that you will not be able to use the Roblox website for one day. This usually occurs when a player is being mean or breaking rules on Roblox.