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first,you add the treasure card/s you have in your deck,then,go to battle someone,discard a card by clicking on the card with the button on the right side of the mouse and then you have the treasure card!!! hope this helps! don't you have to draw?

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Q: How do you use treasure cards in wizard101?
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How can you heal people on wizard101?

With Life healing spells or Treasure Cards.

It said on it said the treasure cards are in the side board?

click the ''p'' key then click on the gold cards under your deck

How do you use treasure cards on wizard101?

Click on the deck icon, then look at all the symbols. Look at the one to the very right, and click on it. Then add the cards that you want to your deck. During battle, right click on a card to discard it. (YOU WON'T GET IT BACK UNTIL THE NEXT BATTLE) Then click the draw button below the cards. You will draw a treasure card. You can only use it once. Unless it fizzles, then you get another chance. You have a special deck of cards for your treasure cards. You can purchase them at the library or win them from battles or trade with friends. Usually the most powerful treasure cards take more pips so you might want to save up if your about to draw!

What are wizard101 gift cards?

When you redeem your gift card that you can buy at wallgreens,target, walmart,gamestop, etc. you can unlock new areas of the game (wizard101) or purchase equipment and accessories for your Wizard101 characters, such as wands, treasure cards and holiday items. Each card also offers a limited edition collectible pet available upon redemption. (gamestop is the place to get the gift card that is where i got mine.)

How do you get helephant treasure cards in wizard101?

If you are a low level and/or is a non-paying player, then you will need some luck. Wizard101 fixed the little problem of allowing trade for enchanted cards, so you can't trade cheap with a high level possessing the card. You will need to buy it at the bazaar, but it is so rare that only once in a while it will appear.

When you use a treasure card can you never use it ever again or not again in that battle in Wizard101?

If you used a treasure card in a battle, it is gone, but that doesn't mean you are never allowed to cast it again. If you still have enough money you can buy another treasure card of the same thing and still use it.

Are there any wizard101 gift cards in?

yes there is

What places sell wizard101 cards?


What does cloak do in wizard101?

It allows you to get a treasure card without discarding something

Where do you get a storm scarab in wizard101?

The easiest way is to buy a treasure card in the bazzar.

Can you buy wizard101 cards in WA?

Yes you sure can! :)

How come in wizard101 your treasure card is grey?

Your treasure card will become grey during battle if you do not have enough mana or pips to cast it.