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You have to have a giftcard for it OR buy it as a treasure card but there really rare.

Hope that helped xoxox - Kaitee Lyn Valdermez

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Q: Where can you get the firezilla spell for wizard101?
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How do you get the spell firezilla in wizard101?

you need to have polymorph dracon to have the spell version, otherwise you have to buy or harvest it as a treasure card or have a pet burnzilla or flamezilla to have the item card. the treasure card can be harvested from orange bell peppers.

What is the weakest wizard101 spell?

The weakest spell in Wizard101 is likely the Pixie spell, which only heals a small amount of health to the caster.

What Is A Good Alternative To Firezilla?


How do you get the fire spell on wizard101?

=== === you get it after the completion of krokiphnx

What is the strongest life spell on wizard101?

forest lord

What spell do you get at level 38 death in Wizard101?


What level do you get the spell darkwind in wizard101?

Level 33.

What is a cheat in wizard101?

spell, merle, land, gamma, castle, dragon, frog

What is the strongest spell on wizard101?

The strongest spell on Wizard101 is generally considered to be the Shadow Magic spell "Gaze of Fate." This powerful spell deals massive damage to all enemies and has a high chance of landing critical hits, making it a popular choice for high-level players in challenging battles.

What type of spell is Jade Oni from wizard101?

It's balance

How do you get a free helephant in wizard101?

Level 42: Get the spell Helephant Level 48: As you get Dragon Spell, you get helephant pet

How do you get to helephant on wizard101?

you get the helephant spell by the fire teacher in ravenwood when you are lvl 42