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First hook it up to your GBASP now have another GBA or GBASP do the same thing put firered, leafgreen or emerald in one of the systems and any of those games in the other go upstairs in any Pokemon center and talk to the lady behind the far right counter save the game choose trade center then one player must choose BECOME LEADER the other chooses JOIN GROUP have the person who choose JOIN GROUP join the player who became leader confirm your choices then you will go in the trade center sit in the seats then using the A buttons trade. Remember to properly use the wireless adapters you must have each adapter pointing at each other.

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Q: How do you use the wireless adaptor for gba sp on Pokemon FireRed?
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Can you have Deoxys in Pokemon FireRed without wireless adaptor?

Click on the link (under Related links): GameFAQs: Pokemon FireRed Version (GBA) Changes FAQ by strawhat---- When you get to the page, press CTRL+F (to find), then type: wireless adaptor. You should find the information you need.

Where can you buy a GBA wireless adaptor?

One place where you could get them was in special boxes of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. There might have been other games with them in, but you'll struggle to find them in stores these days.

Can you trade and battle game boy Pokemon via ds Like could i battle firered and leafgreen with two DS instead of two game boys with a cord?

No, GBA games in a DS can't use the DS's wireless functions at all. That's even if it's a game that did have wireless capabilities through the GBA wireless adaptor, such as FireRed and LeafGreen.

Can you trade pokemon from gba games on the DS from DS to DS with gba games in DS slots?

No, the GBA part of a DS is unable to use the DS' wireless capabilities, even for games that supported the use of the GBA wireless adaptor.

How do you trade Pokémon?

buy a gba wireless adaptor and link up with someone who has one on the top floor of any Pokemon ceter

Can you anyhow trade Pokemon on a computer to a GBA SP with a wireless adaptor?

Yes but you need a special program!!!!! dont go on this website (

Can you connect an original DS to a GBA with a link cable?

No, the DS cannot be connected to a GBA either by link cable, or by the DS' internal wireless, to a GBA using a GBA wireless adaptor. The only form of linking they can do is to have both the GBA and DS cartridge inserted into the same DS, to use functions like migration in the Pokemon games.

Can the Nintendo ds play gba games online?

A DS's Slot-2 (GBA slot) is unable to use the DS's wireless capabilities, even if it's a GBA game which could use the GBA wireless adaptors. You can only use the online portions of a GBA game using an actual GBA and a GBA wireless adaptor.

Where do find a rainbow pass on FireRed?

You have to go to a Pokemon event for the gba games (which they don't do since DS Pokemon came out) with a wireless adapter on your Gameboy SP or advance.

Can you play wirelessly with a Game Boy Advance sp?

There are GBA wireless adaptors, and certain games that utilize them (Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen for example).

Is FireRed for Game Boy color?

No, Pokemon FireRed version is for GBA.

Is pokemon FireRed for DS?

no only gba