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Q: Can a gba wireless adapter connect to the internet for Pokemon games?
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What does a wireless adapter USB do?

A wireless USB adapter allows a computer or wireless device to connect to a wireless router. It is needed for any device which is not wired to an internet connection, to connect.

Which hardware in laptop connect the wireless internet?

Wireless network adapter.

How can you connect Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon Ruby using a wireless adapter?

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Do you have to have wireless internet to use the Xbox 360 wireless adapter?

Yes. Otherwise how would it connect to the internet?

What can one do with the Wireless Network Adapter WUSB300N?

The Wireless Network Adapter WUSB300N is a device that lets you connect your laptop to the Internet. It is plugged into a USB port and will connect you by tapping into the nearest Internet signal.

What do you need to connect your Xbox to the internet?

An ethernet cord to connect the XBox to a router or the wireless adapter for XBox to connect to your wireless router.

How do you connect to a brandbrad internet connection?

With an Ethernet cord or a wireless adapter.

How do you connect DS with Pokemon Emerald to GBA with Pokemon Sapphire?

you have to have a super wireless adapter

How do you install wireless internet on your PS3?

Your PS3 must have a wireless adapter installed if you want to connect to the internet wirelessly. Otherwise, if you don't you will have to use an Ethernet cable. If you have a wireless adapter installed on your PS3. You will need to connect it to your wireless router. Go to the wireless network menu on your PS3. Find the (SSID) network name of your network. Connect to it!

Do you need a wireless adapter to connect to a cable modem?

If you want to use internet wirelessly, yes you need a wireless router and a wireless adapter for your PC (usually laptops have it).

How do you connect your Nintendo DSi to the internet?

well think first you need a wireless adapter. then connect to the computer

Can Pokemon LeafGreen mystery gift connect with cables intstead of a wireless adapter?