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Firstly, while in a game, select the rocket launcher in your inventory. Then, aim at the place where you want the rocket to travel to. Finally, click the left button on your mouse or trackpad. The rocket should start moving.

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Q: How do you use the rocket launcher in roblox?
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How do you beat the chrysalis on Metal Gear Solid peace walker?

When the Chrysalis is in attack mode, use the rocket launcher that target locks. Don't use the Law or Gustav because it won't hit and it's just a waste of ammunition. When he's in normal mode, you can use any type of weapon to take damage to the Chrysalis. What I do is when it flies to me, I use the target lock rocket launcher and get a lock on him. Then, I quickly switch to my other rocket launcher (Gustav) and hit him again quickly as the Chrysalis stops moving when it gets hit in Normal Mode. So I performed a double hit. Always have a pistol, assault rifle, machine gun, or any weapon that's not a rocket launcher and at least 1 rocket launcher when battling the Chrysalis. The rocket launcher is for hitting the chrysalis and the assault rifle, pistol, or machine gun is for hitting the kidnappers that the Chrysalis sometimes launch. I use a double barreled shotgun or an assault rifle. I suggest an assault rifle. I don't use the shotgun much.

witch is better rocket league or ROBLOX ( i HATE ROBLOX)?

rocket league! all the wayz

How do you beat level 22 in the game raze?

get a sniper and avoid the red man till the sniper ammo is full then get a rocket launcher rocket the red mans back go on top of the lifted deck closest to the health and snipe them and get ten kills if u need to use the rocket launcher

Can you kill saddler with a Rocket launcher on re4?

spoiler alert! at the end Ada Wong gives you an incendiary rocket launcher and you shoot saddler in his weird eye thing.

How do i get a rocket launcher in scarface the world is yours ps2?

The cheat is rocklu

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Are rocket launchers for noobs on roblox?

Rocket launchers are for vets since rocket launchers were there since the dawn of time. Well it depends if its that rusty old rocket launcher. If it is that new rocket launcher you find on free models than yes it is for noobs. So you're answer is yes and no

How do you destroy roblox?

grab a rocket launcher and blow up everything. But be careful your account could be deleted.

When was If I Had a Rocket Launcher created?

If I Had a Rocket Launcher was created in 1984.

What is the best rocket launcher?

Saturn V WAS the best rocket launcher.

How do you unlock the rocket launcher in left4dead?

There is no Rocket Launcher, but a Grenade Launcher can first be found someway through the campaign Dead Centre

Names of weapons?

the use cannons, swords, tanks, bombs, rocket launcher

How do you get a double-kill in Halo?

Use a grenade, a rocket launcher & a target locator.

Why do people get pissed off at noobs especially on halo?

because they cheat with a rocket launcher and a alian rocket launcher

What is the name of a German made rocket launcher?

A German made rocket launcher with a rectangle sight is called a panshereck

How do you defeat the rocket launcher in drawn to life the next chapter?

i think you have to use the gun you drew and shoot it, while you try not to get hit by the other rocket launcher, I'm having trouble beating it too :-(

How do you find the rocket launcher in left 4 dead?

there is no roket launcher

How do you unlock the rocket launcher in Tomb Raider legend?

use action replay and update it